Entering into the Cappelletti Company is like stepping back in time. The family business started in 1954, in a small workshop where, with the professionalism and the attention of an artisan, the first creations came to light; these qualities symbolized the company’s pursuit for excellence. As the small workshop grew over time to become the Cappelletti Company, the Cappelletti family never forgot its roots, by continuing to place its primary focus on its artisan experience and competence. The Cappelletti Company now has 60 employees and has widened its marketing sphere into international markets. So, while the quantities of production grew the quality stayed the one of an artisan workshop. The final product of Cappelletti is the result of a work shared in a family run team. A team that has direct control over every aspect of production where every creation is still done with an artisan’s eye, leaving nothing to fate; through those who for 60 years lived amongst lasts, uppers, edgings, counters, hides and toe tips. This is how the Cappelletti Company has offered its customers a creation thought to be distinguished in quality and price, while remaining fashionable and timeless.
Originality is what distinguishes the Cappelletti Company, a need to detach from conformity, to be creative and versatile. A Cappelletti shoe is casual, high quality and sporty with a natural rubber sole. Care for details and classical styling are apparent in our work. This "classical style" is transformed into a modern meaning, taking from tradition what does not fade away, because it is timeless and rich in memory. Our brand’s mission is to infuse classical style into fashionable needs, in an everyday wearability. Crayon chrome plating, timeless in its versatility, assures the uniqueness of the product; it represents a brand that is dedicated to men and women who love beauty and the made in Italy fashion. Within it there is "British" taste, "Military" taste, and a "Sportive" taste: to revisit every topic and situation, making them a vehicle for memory, taste, tradition, elegance and the culture of dressing well.